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chawinwords says

So readers, get off your lazy butts and do some research into religious beliefs and such hypnotic spells cast upon non-questioning believers. Do some research on Christian Reconstructionism and Dominionism in the U.S. (you can start online) Know who you are talking about from R.J.Rushdonny, to the C Street believers, to all the way to the believers in Congress, the government in general and, especially the courts and the graduates of a few religious universities already found in government (look at their educational bios). Don't rely on your brilliance or brilliant comments, do a bit of actual work -- and know.

That's exactly what the British centre for Science Education has been doing for the lasy five years - see

We are under not illusions about religion in the USA.

From a ersonal point of view, it's even worse than you suggest. The whole shooting match is to export US fundamentalism to the rest of the world.

Thu, 18 Feb 2010 19:15:00 UTC | #442191