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@ decius

AGW? Anthropogenic Global Warming?

Also, I've been reading a little bit regarding Bill Maher's stance on immunizations. I had no idea he was that misinformed.

However, I don't think that all opposition to vaccination is of the quack variety. I talked with a medical student about a month ago and she was against the schedule used to administer vaccines. She was getting ready to take a job doing research to see if there might be a generational effect of early vaccinations.

The idea is that certain vaccinations if adminstered too early in life can lead to a reduction in the ability to clear certain toxins from the body. This is important for females, because later in life when they become pregnant the reduced ability to clear toxins allows for more toxins to cross the placenta, thereby negatively affecting the child.

Granted, I don't know if there is anything to this, but it doesn't sound like quackery to me. Furthermore, I know of research done at Arizona State that showed these type of results regarding insulin response and diabetes in rats.

Of course I'm not advocating against vaccination, I'm just saying that maybe it's worth researching to see if can't be improved on.

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