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← Panel approves Bible classes for public schools

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The senate committee that approved this will soon begin to wonder why they are getting reports of children running home terrified or fascinated by all the gore and sex they had just been reading about in class.

Most of these people have likely never read the whole bible and think it's only 'gentle jesus meek and mild' from cover to cover.

If they don't cherry pick, this could turn out to be a consciousness raiser for more than the children when the irate parents actually get to find out what is in the bible and what a horrible piece of work it really is.

Rather than trying to prevent this move, the enlightened parents and school staff should welcome bible reading: but they must insist that it is all taught, full and unexpurgated: no cherry-picked version allowed.

That should net us a whole new generation of atheists.

I'm warming to this idea nicely.

Sat, 20 Feb 2010 15:06:00 UTC | #442597