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Saintstephen, RD himself wasn't aware of Maher's support for quackery when he rubber-stamped the decision to award him. When he was informed, it would have been too late and damaging to make a U-turn, but the circumstance certainly gave him pause. This can be evinced from the caveat in RD's speech.
I'm inclined to think that things might have turned out very differently if RD had all the facts in.

I agree that alliances can play an important role in the struggle against religion - especially in a country hypnotised by TV, where many don't arrive to atheism through a reasoned process, but might do so by aping this or that celebrity.
(Does this ring any bell? I thought I might ape your inability to make a single argument without personalising the issue.)

However, there are plenty of smarter atheist celebrities around - whose intellectual outlook isn't antithetical to the manifesto and raison d'etre of both the RDF and the RP - and who might be persuaded to help without embarrassing the rationalist cause in the process.

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