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"From my experience, the more I pray, the more 'coincidences' I seem to see."

Well geez, I wonder why? Perhaps because you are LOOKING FOR THEM under every rock and ´´seeing´´ them everywhere, even when they really aren´t there.

This reminds me of a thought process that occurred in my head when I was about 9 years old:

I noticed that the more I walk under light posts during the dark, they just shut off when I get close. I thought that must have some kind of an effect on the light posts. Of course it was just random coincidence and I of course forgot and ignored the thousands of times I walked under a light post and nothing happened. But the few times it did happen, I saw a pattern, a cause, a power of some sort, a MYSTERY!

I then became 10... I wish these cops would too.

Sun, 21 Feb 2010 17:43:00 UTC | #442805