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So prayer can helps solve crime eh?

OK, how about Madeleine McCann - daughter of Christian parents, no doubt much fervent prayer has been "uttered" to the Most High. Silence

Or Claudia Lawrence. Father is a Christian apparently, no doubt lots more fervent stuff being done.

Or lets go back a bit further, right back to 1981. Alison Macdonald, daughter of a Free church of Scotland minister, been missing in Kashmir since then. How much fervent prayer went up for her?

And the results in these cases so far. Silence. Yes, the same result you would get if there was no God. Wonder why that is.....

I have never understood how this prayer BS is supposed to work - I mean, if this "God" exists, he can hear these people praying. Does he think to himself "F*ck em, they're not FERVENT enough, I'll make them stew for a while..."

Or is it a case of "What only 10,000 people praying and you expect a result. F*ck you. I want at least a million ferventers.

Or is he just a total knob who listens, hears, understands but says "Naaah, f*ck em - losers. Let them pray their heads off, I aint telling!!"

I reckon, that if God existed, he would say "f*ck" a lot, esp when people pray to him.....


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