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Brian Cox is awesome! He's a great science communicator. I've seen a couple of his documentaries (one on gravity, the other on time), and they're among the best science docs I've seen in recent years.

He does a great job of conveying enthusiam and wonder, without being merely sensationalist. He gives clear explanations of complex ideas, and doesn't 'dumb it down' to an unreasonable extent (in the manner of certain Discovery Channel endevours). Many TV science docs rush towards sensational and often highly speculative conclusions. Cox, however, simply presents the relevant theories, analyses their deficiencies, and leaves you wondering what might be next. He gives a realistic impression of science being about questions where most TV docs don't.

That's how science should be communicated! I'm glad to count Cox among our number.

(Addendum for SF geeks: Cox was also involved in making the Danny Boyle film 'Sunshine' and gives an interesting commentary on the DVD.)

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