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Woo Hoo!

I got an article submitted :-)

So, if nobody minds, I'll just copy my comments from the WMN website...

This is stupidity of the highest order. That a high ranking public servant can make statements like this and not receive ridicule is, in itself, ridiculous.

Presumably the deity responsible is his deity and not one of the many, many hundreds of gods that humanity has invented in its short but eventful history?

Presumably this is the nice, white, comforting, sky-daddy type god and not the actual god of the old testament, capable of jealously motivated acts of extreme violence and genocide?

Presumably this "god" couldn't intervene just slightly earlier and prevent the crime happening in the first place?

The actual truth of the matter is that real things are being done by real people here. The credit lies with the officers and members of the public concerned, NOT with somebody's invisible, imaginary friend.

More questions need to be asked here. This idiot is in a position of authority. Urgent action needs to be taken.

Maybe we should start by asking how old he thinks the earth is, and what he thinks of the whole "reality" vs "Here's some stuff made up by bronze age, middle eastern tribesfolk" debate?

I mean really.... for goodness sake...

And... in response to some of the comments that followed...

Police work is based mainly on EVIDENCE...

For a senior policeman to assert that his version of a god is bending the laws of the universe and physics to aid him in his work. For him to openly admit that he has faith, that he has belief which flies in the face of all evidence should be a sackable offence.

Religion may be comforting to some but that still does not attest to it's veracity...

And finally, for all those who insist that prayer does work, can you provide either evidence of an amputee being "healed" or reasons why god refuses to help such people?


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