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I never thought I would disagree with A C Grayling about anything, but I think he is mistaken about the sex trade. It is already mostly underground (there is not much to be pushed further down), and attempts to encourage it to be more visible are unlikely to work, because in the UK the idea of buying sex is considered shameful. Because it is considered shameful, selling sex is generally a very sordid business, done with the intention of feeding an addiction. I'm afraid it's not all Belle de Jour. So, what those who are buying sexual services doing? Effectively exploiting those who are stuck in a situation they would rather not be in.

Although I think the women involved should not be victimised (selling sexual services should not be a crime), I see no ethical problem with making buying sexual services a crime.

Sun, 21 Feb 2010 22:03:00 UTC | #442890