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Comment #462632 by Cartomancer

I'm afraid that considering the situation that so many women are in, reluctantly selling their bodies because of poverty and addiction, I think it is fair to consider exploiting them shameful, and I hope it does not become less so. Having sex with them is probably not the kind of support that will help them get out of their situations.

There are so many interwoven factors: poverty, addiction, isolation, the shame of selling sex, the shame of buying sex, that I can't think of an easy solution other than to discourage men from exploiting women (which surely makes the men think of women as objects to be bought and sold, and the women feel ever more degraded) while trying urgently to provide assistance to those caught in the trap of prostitution.

However, I'll have to think about what you say. Perhaps its the long term answer.

Sun, 21 Feb 2010 22:30:00 UTC | #442901