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19. Comment #462650 by Steve Zara

I could be completely wrong, but I don't think that is going to work, because who wants to be a registered prostitute?

It works in Germany and in Nevada. My guess is that anyone who is an unregistered prostitute would see being registered and protected. But maybe the UK is so vastly different than Germany that people there don't think like that at all.

I'm not sure there is a way to arrange prostituting in the UK so that no-one gets hurt...

Why don't you let the people involved decide what's good for them? They may not always know best but what makes you think that you know better?

didn't say that selling should be illegal, just buying...

As I tried to make clear with poor humor in a previous post, that is a rather nonsensical statement. Selling goes together with buying. It can't be OK to sell something that it's not OK to buy.

Perhaps there is a way of using the financial aspect to help the women

This has nothing to do with Women specifically. It is a fact that the majority of providers are women and the majority of clients are men, but that does not make this just about women. This is a human rights issue. should prostitution be legal or prohibited. I think that Carlin is right, and selling fucking (which implies "buying fucking") should be legal.

What you are saying here is essentially that people don't own their own bodies when it comes to sexual expression. You try to get out of a bind by making it a crime only for the client and not the provider but essentially you're fucking up the provider's business and condemning them (usually her) to increased interactions with the criminal element if they choose to work in the sexual industry. The policies you suggest create the reality you dislike so much.

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