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But maybe the UK is so vastly different than Germany that people there don't think like that at all.

I don't know about the situation in other countries, I'm afraid.

What you are saying here is essentially that people don't own their own bodies when it comes to sexual expression.

But people don't own their own bodies anyway. You think that your left kidney is yours to do with as you wish? Try selling it in the UK. Is that something you should able to do?

The policies you suggest create the reality you dislike so much.

Perhaps. Perhaps I was mistaken. I used an absurd idea of pricing to show how difficult this is. But I'm afraid I still don't believe Grayling is right here. But his mind is far better than mine, and I may come to change my mind.

Much of the objection of the selling of sexual services is not puritanism, but because of the way it helps trap vulnerable women (and men) into situations they would rather escape from.

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