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You think that your left kidney is yours to do with as you wish? Try selling it in the UK. Is that something you should able to do?

I happen to think that that is actually a good question worth considering, and I have not decisively made up my mind about it. The question for you is if you really think that selling sexual services is anywhere near as problematic. As far as I can see the serious objections that might be raised in the case of selling one's organs simply do not apply to selling sexual services. Sex is a relatively safe activity when done responsibly, no more dangerous than countless other jobs that no one doubts are legitimate.

Much of the objection of the selling of sexual services is not puritanism, but because of the way it helps trap vulnerable women (and men) into situations they would rather escape from.

That's actually a fair point in my opinion Steve. But it's also a very dangerous sort of point. You tread on very thin ice whenever you imply that giving people freedom takes their freedom away, and the fall can be very steep. It is perhaps true in some cases that regulation and government interference promotes freedom but that has to be the exception and not the rule. I don't see how this principle can be fairly applied to prostitution as there are plenty of sex workers who want to do what they are doing and later in life do not regret doing so. These may not be the majority, nor do they have to be. It is enough that they are a sizable group to make it extremely unfair to prohibit prostitution.

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