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Comment #462763 by Steve Zara

Yes, we have information of how potentially dangerous the prostitution industry is. The industry has been working to a great extent underground and is being run by unscrupulous individuals who care only about money and not about the conditions under which prostitutes work. That is a recipe for a dangerous industry. Of course people will suffer

And that is the whole point of AC’s piece: bring the disinfecting effect of sunlight into the process and things can change for the better for prostitutes and clients alike. Consensual sex between adults in private must be acceptable at all times whether there is a cash exchange or not.

Society must rid itself of the puritanical attitude towards sex. Not everyone is fortunate enough (for any number of reasons) to be able to participate in one of nature’s greatest, most pressing natural urges: sex. It is almost inhumane to deprive a human of that most basic act of nature.

It is only because of religions telling us that sex is dirty and shameful instead of the beautiful and natural thing that it is, that we have set up a society that consigns a large proportion on its population to a life without sex. I would not even wish to imagine how that must feel. I said almost inhumane: no, it is entirely. Give it some thought.

For thinking people like Steve Zara to leave his principles of freedom for all people in all matters just at the entrance to a brothel, shows how the effects of his catholic upbringing still chain his critical thinking when it comes to that dirty, shameful, sinful subject, sex.

And his anecdote of the 15 year old getting into it to fund a drugs habit only further reinforces the case for positive legislation in prostitution. Not the other way around. Is it not obvious that in a legally protected sex industry, there would be almost no place for a 15 year old to ply their trade? With a perfectly regulated and available supply of consenting individuals, what place would there be for an under age drug addict?

And on the subject of funding a drugs habit: drugs are only expensive because they are illegal. And of the relatively few deaths through drugs every year (nicotine and alcohol excepted of course), almost none are caused by the drugs the addict tried to buy. Instead they are killed by what the criminals who sell them decide to put in them to make more money. If you put the supply and distribution of water into the hands of criminals, we would have deaths from contamination and criminal acts committed in order to quench thirsts.

Our puritanical attitude to sex and drugs is one of the greatest causes of misery in the world and we need to change things for the better.

Legalize and control: that is the only way for everyone. Nothing was ever made better by prohibition. AC Grayling is absolutely correct once again.

I second AC for PM.

Sorry for the long post.

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