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When an idea goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, how Christian, or trustworthy, is it? And why do two consecutive infallible popes lack agreement on the pretty simple question of whether Hell is a place? And why does Benedict XVI seek to enforce a catechism by saying something that seems pretty much the opposite to me? Perhaps the dear professor of an unnamed discipline can enlighten us on how much of all this confusion is down to the beliefs of Catholics, rather than the journalist. But let's be honest, he won't.

The phrase "you can't make it up" has a long pedigree. It is flatly wrong to suggest this of a specific religious doctrine; it was made up. What you can't make up is people believing such stuff, or professing it, or evangelizing it, or being angry that others have rejected, failed to accept, ignored, forgotten or marginalized it, as has the latest pope.

Mon, 22 Feb 2010 12:53:00 UTC | #443086