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It's not enough to reject the lie. It must be despised as well.

How easy is it to forget that these people invade our families and the most private and personal parts of our lives as children--who's state of mind is utterly incapable of mounting a proper defense, and scaring the living shit out of us through our parents--the one set of people we should be able to look to to defend us against mind games. Through our protectors, they disregarded our innocence, and forced on our young minds the guilt of torture and murder of an innocent and loving "father." There can be no crime greater than this--unless this is compounded by trying to process the death of your actual father, and opportunists exploit that tragedy as well. Of course, after they screw up your head, the priests are going to encourage you to call them "father" as well, so if sheer dumb luck has left your childhood with any sense of identity left, it's immediately and covertly hijacked in this way by the corporation.

I once had a priest say "call me 'Father,'" to which I replied, "No. It's disrespectful to my actual father. Besides, you remind me more of a creepy Uncle, so I'll just call you that." To this day, the few conversations I've had with priests have been cut short by calling them "Creepy Uncle."

At least non-religious child-molesters usually stop with the body.

War with Islam is inevitable. As a veteran, how reassuring it is that it's primarily the xians and catholics that will die killing the bomb-throwers. For all their judgement of eachother, notice that nobody ever argues over the "true" meaning of a bullet--religious or otherwise. It's the one self-fulfilling solution to religion.

I celebrate my enemies staggering to eachother's doom. One problem kills another--and with much more honesty than they show to their own children.

Want to bring about true "salvation?"

Line em up and kill em all--by pitting them against eachother.

It's a mercy killing--for them and those children they'd destroy by "saving."

Rabid dogs are put down when their disease becomes dangerous, and they are in much more need of help than the xian who conveniently froths at the mouth whenever it will further his agenda.

This can be the only worthwhile approach to them. Petty arguments over which point in their bullshit doesn't make sense only works to their purpose. They point is to be whole-hearted about our position--and not allow them to lull us into intellectualizing at the moment of truth.

Put simply, our position must be very simple...

1) Refuse to negotiate--or allow them to masquerade their negotiation as debate.

2) Refuse to recognize them as moral. They are not.

3) Refuse them the exercise of ownership over what is not theirs: "THIS DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU."

They will enter our private lives by penetrating our preschools, libraries, music collections, movie collections, doctors offices, wedding chapels, bedrooms, and worst of all government, in order to have their way with our personal lives.


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