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I don't believe he passed the idea of labeling children off as his own any more than he passed off the idea that waterboarding is torture off as his own. At this point it's a prevalent meme that he's simply repeating because it's true. You are right of course as to it being better that the message gets out.

Also, for those who didn't watch this particular video, Hitchens stated numerous times that he had to stop smoking and did, but has not stopped drinking. I see no reason for him to lie. Also, his weight? Honestly? A nearly hour long clip and his weight becomes a topic?

SaintStephen, you do bring up the clear rebuttal that Hitchens himself makes in the video to Thiessen's claims. If you're interested in Thiessen getting ripped a bit more, Andrew Sullivan over at The Dish has narrated the thrashing he's received in the blogosphere quite well as of late.

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