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Ok then i have to get this off my chest.

My experience with homeopathy: I have a friend who is really into it. If you have something wrong with you he will be the first to say you should try homeopathy.

About a year ago i was getting symptoms of an overactive thyroid. I felt hungry all the time no matter how much i ate, i sweated too much, i was shaking badly. I finally went to the doctors and he tested me for an overactive thyroid.

While i was waiting for the test results back my friend talked me into trying the remedy for overactive thyroid. I thought i may as well. The remedy was called Iodum.

I wasn't really expecting anything to happen as i had tried homeopathy for other things including hay fever without any luck. I didn't even really know what homeopathy was. I just thought it was like herbal medicine.

Within seconds after putting a single drop of Iodum on my tongue my symptoms improved drastically. The swelling i could feel in my neck just went. And the constant hunger stopped. It was instant. Then i just left it for a couple of days and I improved even more.

Then it was time to go back to the doctors. The doctor said my tests had come back positive for a overactive thyroid and he wanted to begin treatment right away. I told him about the homeopathy, he acted in the way that you would imagine a dr would act when someone tells him he is putting off proper treatment for homeopathy.

anyway i will cut it short as this is getting too long. He ended up testing me again and my results had improved. I no longer had an overactive thyroid.

So now sometimes it comes back. When i feel the symptoms come back i just take another drop. In my eyes homeopathy MUST work.

So when i read articles by scientists saying it can't work or it's absurd, I just think well it does work so you must be missing something. Something pretty damn significant.

So why hasn't it been proved to work yet? I have some theories.

1. Maybe most of the remedies are crap and it's only a very small percent that can actually help specific conditions. So the theory of homeopathy is correct but over the years they were too keen to add more and more remedies. I think i've heard of one remedy that is just water that is left in the light of Venus. This is obviously crap. And i've never understood how Onion could work for treating runny eyes. I mean you get runny eyes when you sniff an onion not eat it.

2. When homeopaths conduct the tests they often come back in favour of homeopathy. Scientists claim this is because they are being biased even if it is unintentionally biased. I think the same thing is happening when scientists test it. When a scientist is working on something that he wants to prove right if the results are inconclusive he will keep at it in hope he will eventually find a way to get the results he expects. Only after a lot of trying and failing will he give up on an idea. If the scientist is testing homeopathy it's like one test, the results were inconclusive so it must be crap.

3. If someone were to do your experiment and see how many people improved it might not be that high. Because there are a lot of remedies it may take them 10 times to get the right remedy for the condition. Not to mention how everyone responds differently to different potencies. I doubt a scientific experiment would allow the homeopath 10 times to get it right. They would have one chance if they don't get it right homeopathy doesn't work.

As i have had luck with Iodum for overactive thyroid i would love to see that tested. Although the problem is overactive thyroid is dangerous so it would be unethical.

Anyway i don't' mind articles like this one. As it explains why you think homeopathy doesn't work in a sensible way. It's the childish ones that mock the people who use it that bother me.

With all this talk of stopping the NHS from using homeopathy and stopping boots from selling it, it makes me worry that one day you will be trying to get it banned completely. Then all the people who benefit from it will suffer. Remember even if you think we are all deluded and it's all in our heads we would still suffer. Because if someone thinks homeopathy helps them beat depression then it helps them beat depression. You take that away from them then the depression will come back.

ps if anyone is thinking of starting the argument that the person suffering from depression should be receiving proper medical care. Just remember that medical care would involve giving them SSRI drugs that have side effects including causing self harm or even suicide.

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