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My experience of NZ is that there is very little religious conflict or aggravation and it is certainly not in the forefront of peoples mind, so in that respect Gibbon is correct, however the number of churches dotted around the towns and cities which proclaim "Jesus is the way", "Jesus is the light" or some other such banal tribute to their god, would indicate to me that the faithful want it to be in the forefront of our minds.
It is telling of this religious influence that I cannot get organised after school care for my children that does not involve them coming home and telling me that "God made me, it’s the truth, the teacher told me." and "We need to pray before we eat.” The fact it is not talked about does not mean there is not an agenda to spread the myth of god.
I see but choose to ignore the messages on the countless churches I pass every day, I don’t feel the need to go to the advertising standards and complain that I am being guaranteed eternal life with no evidence; or knock on the churches door and tell them their sign is divisive and that god is not “the only way”, I choose to turn the other cheek and let free speech thrive. Why are the religious unable to do this£ We all know the answer to that I suppose.
I don't see that non believers are importing a problem they are merely stating their position, in a way which the religious employ, letting others know that there is another option.
This is only a poster not a declaration of war.

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