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← Atheists claim bias over rejection of 'No God' ads

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And your words smack of hostility and personal bias towards religion, with a hint of arrogance and myopia.

Hee hee you sure you got that right?
A personal bias towards religion?
Hey Im a pussy cat, wouldnt hurt a fly.
And you are now sounding, in your denial that there is anything wrong in paradise, even more idiotic.

There is nothing for atheists to fight against in New Zealand. That they are starting this campaign here strongly indicates that the problem resides with them and not with religion. Hence, I reiterate what I have already said, that they’re bringing a problem and culture war to New Zealand that is not already here.

NO what you are doing is attempting to stifle a dialogue that needs to happen, in all countries. What the fuck are you scared off? I would say you have major issues around conflict and conflict resolution. Perhaps you are like my father and cant stand the sound of raised voices so you rush around telling off anyone who says anything which might be construed as inflammatory? Are you?
Cause your protestations make no sense.
Whats your problem stop hiding behind your bluster.

There are currently a hundred other issues that are far more important to New Zealanders than religion,

Thats you reason? other issues? Come on what are those issues?John Key hasnt addressed you problems of concern yet?

Not only that, but the sort of debate that the atheists want is exactly that which deepens divisions and closes minds; put another way it’s the sort that tends to create fundamentalists.

So you know what sort of debate atheists want?
Really? So if there are divisions and closed minds in New Zealand it's the fault of atheism? Really?
Gibbon you are a first class moron.

For the general public religion is barely even noticeable on a day by day basis, and there is hardly even any discussion of it, (unless you’re like me and are taking Religious Studies courses at university).

Easy to pass I hear.
See the thing is religion is barely noticable on a day to day basis.
Bit like the ads on the tele you notice them life goes on nothing changes, but what are those ads selling burgers to fat kids, possessions to people who cant afford them.
Anyway dont let me stop you on you mission to stop all the loud voices in NZ from disturbing the equanimity you think exists in you corner of the universe.
Just read thru some of your previous posts Hmm

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