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I am very happy Richard made this post, however I think the behaviour of RDF staff (either Josh, or Andrew, or both) needs some explanation. By behaviour I mean the deliberate sabotage of the forum by way of deleting user accounts and posts, including Mazille, a moderator responsible for the science-writing award.

It is those acts that have caused me to lose my confidence in The changes themselves do not bother me; there are other forums out there and I was still intending to come here for news updates. It was the hostile stance taken by Josh and Andrew that angered me and while I don't expect Richard to apologise, I do think investigation is needed.

But to end on a positive note; I am glad that the forum will be archived, as there are many posts on there (particularly in the Science and Debunking Creationism forums) which hold a great deal of value.

Sun, 28 Feb 2010 20:33:00 UTC | #444927