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This is excellent news.

I'm thankful that Richard has seen fit to clarify some of the events surrounding the forum suspension and issue a mea culpa on behalf of himself and the RDF admin. Although one cannot be happy about the poor communications and PR, I'm sure they wouldn't have wanted their actions to result in the recent 'webstorm', for it has surely caused damage to the reputation of RD and the RDF. I would hope this is not irreparable, and I think this is a good step to reconciliation with the forum regulars. But only they will be able to judge that I guess, but I urge them to accept this olive branch. I feel sure that admins were acting in good faith, even if mistakes were made.

Not being a forum poster I'm not familiar with the ethos there, but it's clear that there was a thriving community with many valuable contributors, even if there were some elements that Richard and the RDF Admins weren't happy with. Despite these elements, it's surely true that there were very many valuable posts and threads that form a treasure trove for the atheist community. It would have been a shame to lose this, even if the *active* forum is to be lost, so a full read only archive is very welcome.

I should say that complete deletion of posts (other than out and out trolls) really shouldn't be tolerated there, or on the FP.

Thanks Richard, and good luck down under.

Sun, 28 Feb 2010 20:40:00 UTC | #444944