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In a manner entirely consistent with how most of us here would expect Richard to react, he has apologised and accepted that mistakes were made.

That seems fair to me, but, not being a user of the forum, maybe it is none of my business to accept an apology on behalf of those who feel damaged in various ways be the incident.

Whatever has happened and will happen in the future, there will be those for whom no apology will be sufficient and they will move on to somewhere else and nurse their resentment there.

There will be others who remain and will refer forever to the 'good old days' before the changes.

There will also be a completely new cast of members who join the remodelled forum who will think it the very best site in the world, unimproveable in any way.

Things change and lots of people don't like either the change, or the manner of it, or both.

That is human nature.

Too often the human condition appears to be dissatisfaction, and the satisfaction in expressing that dissatisfaction is, it seems, one of the few satisfying past-times enjoyed by some people.

Once again, though, we have seen how the media misrrepresents the truth to suit its own agenda. And the small minded smug attitude of people like Andrew Brown does him and his god no credit whatsoever.

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 14:33:00 UTC | #445393