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Brian English:
I feel for those members of the forum who feel agrieved because they were promised (assuming they were promised) that they'd be integrated in the changes and then were summarily told they'd be no longer needed and they'd best STF up. That's just bullying. It doesn't matter if it's Richard's site or whatever. You don't make an undertaking to people, then shit on people who are acting on that undertaking. You also don't pretend that their reaction to being shit upon is the reason they were shit on. That's just circular, time-travelling bullshit and something Richard wouldn't do in my opinion. Whoever did that hasn't 'fessed up and needs to. That's assuming the reports are correct. Richard's gentlemanly apology speaks highly of him. Not that he needed such. It really skirts the issue as far as I can see. How can he take responsibility for the actions of others? Does Jesus' skapegoating for our sins mean we didn't commit them? Does that mean if Jesus or Richard fall on their cross or sword, mutatis mutandi, that justice is done? Hardly.

Although this will make for a bad quote/comment ratio, I can only agree with Brian. In fact, I already said that:,5165,An-Apology,Richard-Dawkins,page4#465007

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