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F-A-F - we've been through this argument before. Intelligent Design is not a scientific position. It's a religious position. Why should a science teacher be qualified to handle a US fundamentalist religious position£

There is no theory of Intelligent Design. Phillip Johnson, the de facto head of the ID meovement has not only admitted so but also admitted that it is not even a hypothesis, just a set of ideas.

If you let ID into the science classroom, for any reason, the fundies have won. They will have got their religion into the science lesson. It's exactly what they want.

Do you really think that once they have got it into the science lesson they are going to allow science teachers to rubbish it without their own proselytising£

Chance would be a fine thing.

They are committed hard line ideogues and want ID in the science lesson for the same reason why hard line Marxists want their ideology taught in schools.

It's political and about power.

ID has bugger all to do with science in the first place.

See the Wedge Document.

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