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"...dissenting views on both scientific subjects should be taught in public schools"

In that case shouldn't dissenting views on all subjects be taught in public schools£

In geography class, the idea that the earth is 4,000 years old should be seriously considered.

Also in geography class, the proposition that the topography of the earth can be excplained by a global flood cannot be easily dismissed, can it£

In history class, it should be explained that millions of people, including some very prominent ones, deny that the holocaust ever happened and they have some interesting arguments for their view... here they are..

Publicly funded medical schools should no longer be allowed to ignore the alleged benefits of homeopathy and should, to be fair, warn students of potentially very dangerous vaccines like MMR.

Surely time spent in class would have to be doubled to fit in all dissenting 'theories' - or else the time teaching reality would need to be halved.

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