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I have spent some years trying to understand the roots of the human's willingness to believe in things unseen (base of religions).

I have come to understand that such beliefs date back to a time when language was first being developed; a time of what I consider "word captions."

Across the planet in areas where cave art depicts even animals long extinct, none appear with "captions" in language.

So, most likely, when humans starting living in ever-larger groups they needed rules (civilization) established by caption -- or either oral traditions or written language. Let's call this period the human species evolutionary adolescence, following the infancy-toddler period before language.

The problem about so many religions is that for thousands of years, religions, both the good parts and the evil parts,have kept the human species trapped in its adolescence, almost stopping further evolution into the scientific/rational destination, natural to evolution.

How odd, the journey from nature worship to shamanism to animism to organized religion and priesthood had to quit evolving for so long. Who would have thought that priesthood would evolved backwards into a version of shamanism, wherein, so many would cling to communication with the spirit world -- those things unseen and non-falsifiable?

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