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Well.... he either hasn't done a very good job of explaining himself, or he is a complete and utter moron.... I'm leaning toward the later.

I agree with the premise that many (maybe not 5 billion) people take comfort and solace from religion, and there is anthropological history of religion in virtually all cultures. However, to make the argument that that somehow makes it alright and we shouldn't call people morons for believing, is total missing the point.

The fact that we've had religion is so many cultures for so long is because of the wide spread ignorance of how things in universe really work was prevalent until only the last few centuries. I submit anyone who has been exposed and open to science fact, loses their need and even desire for religion. And those who don't cling to their ignorance like a child clings to their security blanket.

Religion has no place in an modern and educated society and saying it does, simply because it has, is no argument for it.

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