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Apart from the misleading charicature of Richard's views on religion -- I don't think Richard's ever said that anyone who's religious "must be a moron" or that religion is somehow "unnatural," just that religion is irrational and often detrimental -- I don't have as big a problem with Tiger as the other commenters do.

Granted, Tiger makes fairly broad generalizations and factual assertions here, but how much detail, nuance and supporting evidence can you expect the subject of a short magazine interview to supply? Sounds like the book he and McGuire wrote investigates potential neurophysiological evidence for explanations for the ubiquity of religion that many others have offered before. It also sounds like he rejects ideas such as "the afterlife," reincarnation, etc., but seeks to understand why so many people believe (or purport to believe) such stuff. I wouldn't be so quick to write Tiger off as a deluded apologist for religion without actually reading the book he and McGuire wrote.

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