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I can't prove if AGW is true or false but if there is, in fact, a consensus that it is true then I might be able to prove that a 'new world order' or something like it exists.
Why aren't the majority of climate scientists saying that AGW is false? They should be! Not because AGW is false (it could well be true) but because the majority of scientists SHOULD be on the payroll of the oil, coal, and gas industries right?
It would appear, however, that big oil with all it's billions can only afford to corrupt a handful of scientists. (the dissenters, skeptics, deniers, etc.)
Is it because the average climate scientist is perfect? (Those leaked emails don't exactly inspire confidence here.)
Or are the majority of climate scientists being controlled (for better or ill) by something even more powerful than the oil companies?

Sun, 07 Mar 2010 16:28:00 UTC | #447232