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Oh Richard ..I almost felt ashamed to be an Australian tonight. While I expected Steve Fielding to be an embarrassment and Julie Bishop to be pushy and attempting to sound intelligent, I never expected Tony Burke to perform so poorly. These 3 politicians proved clearly that you don't need to have intellectual ability or discipline to be in the job and/or to be able to engage in reasoned argument ...!! To not have even one other 'humanist' or athiest on the panel didn't help either but it seemed that the other panelists mostly didn't even comprehend what Richard was essentially saying/arguing. The rabbi and the other guy weren't as bad but neither was really courageous enough to do anything but "fence-sitting" and trying to avoid the issues. The politicians personalised most of what Richard said and merely became defensive, especially Tony Burke. I mistakenly thought it was really just Americans who were this sad frightening for the future of this country!!

Mon, 08 Mar 2010 16:02:00 UTC | #447430