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RD got taken down a peg by Tony Burke. Bugger! Shame RD didn't come back with something like "Religions have taken full advantage of having political power for 3000 years in crush dissenting ideas. Now the playing field is more level, we shall redress the balance before being nice". Ok, my phrasing is crap. I am sure RD can do better. Anyway the "I'm really just a nice cuddly Prof." didn't work with Burke.

EDIT: Burke wanted "respect" for religion. RD was mocking. However, the definition of "respect" is ( "high regard". That is the wrong word in the context. I might have a "high regard" for the idea that all people are equal under the law, but a "low regard" for a person's gullibility to religious woo-woo. I might be persuaded to "respect" the right of a person to hold whatever views they like in private, but I will never be persuaded that those views themselves should be "respected".

In general, Richard was very good. He was the most entertaining, and was playing to at least 50% of the audience who were clapping and cheering. The good natured mocking of religion worked. However, in that sparring with Burke, Burke scored one point too many. Richard needs a move to skewer "a Burke" "the next time".

I did particularly like the reply to the rabbiting rabbi and her changing definition of "god". Richard's "what does it mean?" nailed it, but I'm not sure how widely that decisive riposte will be understood. Her citing of the "theologian" who stated that "defining what we mean by god, undermines the concept", is a particularly delicious example of religious nonsense.

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