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In the 'disrespect' moment, the argument overlooked was the Douglas Adams Principle where "you're just not allowed to say anything bad about religion. Why not? Because you're not!"

It was a mild comment from Richard in which he really just described crucifixion, something which, of course, is barbaric.

... and of course the disrespect shown by a) religions against atheists, and b) religions against other religions, is legendary.

I was told, in my religious secondary school, that Christ did what he did specifically for me (well, for every individual) because 'God' is omniscient. It is only with the benefit of a little maturity that I can reflect on what an unsettling and guilt-inspiring notion that is.

I would not want anyone to be tortured, flogged and hideously murdered just so that I am able to say "I'm sorry" and then be forgiven. That just doesn't make sense.

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