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Yes Sciros, I realized that you wouldn’t understand, I was more interested in other posters opinions.
Oh eat a dick. You are a perpetual embarrassment with your constant poorly digested and half-assed information gathering. I don't know who you're trying to fool.

Psychological attributions, say of what is sexy, trustworthy, etc can have a cultural and a learned component, such as the well known case of Rubenesque women at the time of Rubens. Certainly Suma is popular in Japan, and I have seen Japanese women being interviewed saying they thought some rather obese national Suma superstar was sexy. I would therefore like to see the study done in Japan, and indeed across all cultures, and see the results.
"Suma"... yeah. At least figure out the word. There's probably under 1000 professional sumo wrestlers in Japan, on top of that most Japanese are rather slim and the fashionable look has been that of a slim build for a pretty long time now. But you're saying what, that you expect the Japanese to nevertheless consider fat faces more attractive or something?

Next time at least pick a better example to make your point about culturally driven judgments. I think you ARE right that ideas of what is sexy, etc. have cultural and learned components. But your example is just atrocious so of course it wasn't taken seriously.

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