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Isn't it strange that this fellow hangs around here enough to read Richard's comments about the forum fiasco, yet somehow fails to notice the prominent "Non-believers Giving Aid" campaign entirely, or indeed that this website isn't a blog at all? One might almost suspect he has some kind of peculiar personal agenda or something...

And as for pornography distancing love from sex he clearly hasn't seen the kind of pornography I generally watch, which I enjoy as much for the soppy suggestions of true love as for the more... um... hydraulic aspects. Compare this to the bible, koran and so forth, which generally prescribe that I be killed for indulging in the kind of loving relationship that I perpetually fantasize about.

Mind you, I can't say I'm surprised. Everyone knows that modern American-style libertarianism is an achingly inadequate political conceit (being far too simplistic to call a position or stance, let alone a philosophy), and one held solely by angry people on the internet with nothing better to do.

Wed, 10 Mar 2010 03:32:00 UTC | #447955