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Sorry miss both points entirely.

The stamp issue is on a point of principle. As unassuming as you might think a stamp is, it is like the U.S. currency that has "In God We Trust" emblazoned on it and it will be seen worldwide. Had an organisation like FFRF been around in the 50's to create an issue on this secular issue, things might be different. Today it's MT, tomorrow the Pope? Jesus? God?...don't give them an inch.

On the second issue...this was a stunt by some University students to highlight the issue that what is really being exchanged is porn for porn. There is a message in their wee stunt that wouldn't have been made otherwise if they had offered to send money in lieu of porn to charity. The publicity they have gained has been extensive, so more power to their elbow I say.

Most of the comments after the article are pro our views here I'm glad to report....and I particularly enjoyed reading this snippet of hypocrisy.

"Atheists trade bibles for pron," says a blaring, in-your-face headline; a headline which the G knows is going to draw the "usual suspects" for more advert hits. (Yes, Wayne, even me. Don't bother to point that out.)

We KNOW we're being manipulated by dying, dead-tree technology. Most of us have AdBlockPlus (if using Firefox), however, and NEVER see your adverts for, oh let us say, SCIENTOLOGY? Seriously, you guys will take $$$ from ANYONE, won't you? ::snerk::

Regarding said "headline," I would just like to say that whether or not atheists watch pron or not is certainly anecdotal, Wayne. And it certainly has nothing to do with one being an "a-theist" or not.

What bothers me is that you, in your lame attempt to garner more hits for the G, completely ignored the fact that the most pron-loving groups here in COS appear to be the fundamental, Dominionist, BACs. (Born-again Christians, BTW.)

Let's talk about the orgiastic free-for-all that the Promise Keepers, at their annual convention at the Broadmoor a few years ago, had when they topped a previous record by ANOTHER so-called "Christian" organization who likes to "focus" on other people's bedroom activities. The Broadmoor reported that their pay-for-view, X-rated pron film channel was completely OVERWHELMED by nearly every Promise Keeper who had checked in to our fine facility; noting that nearly every Promise Keeper paid their "extras" in good old American Cash rather than the credit card that most "decent" hotels require if you're going to use the minibar or the spa services.

At least a-theists order the pay-for-view channels with aplomb (and often with their wives/partners in the room), using their credit cards and Billy-Be-Damned. Most a-theists have a healthy bedroom life with their spouses/partners without having to hide behind an organization such as Promise Keepers or that OTHER group who likes to "focus" on what happens in those hotel rooms.

So much pron, so little time for these hypocrites.

Some of them don't even BOTHER with the procreational act itself...rather, instead of that dirty, disgusting thing one has to do to in order to create a son or daughter, they ADOPT. God forbid (and I jest) that the wives of these so-called men might have to endure an act which abhorrent to all.

And then, the fine, upstanding religious MEN who go to Denver to have a "massage" and purchase illegal drugs a couple of times a month get a pass. An a-theist would just say, "Yup, I did it. And it was pretty nice!" ::serious sarcasm here::

No, a-theists don't particularly enjoy pron. Those who are fortunate enough to have a partner who actually ENJOYS the "act" find it demeaning, lonely, and sad to have to resort to secret pron viewing when the "little woman" is already asleep in the marital bed.

For those like Wm25Burke and his ilk (I LOVE that word ilk!) diminish the sexual act as nothing more than an exchange of bodily fluids to be "confessed" to God, on their knees, saying, "Oh Lord I have sinned."

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy and sickness that organized religion has caused since the Council of Nicene?

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with these groups who absolutely LOVE their pron, yet refuse to acknowledge that the act isn't just for procreation. We were given our "parts," theoretically, by God...wouldn't He want us to use them to enjoy and satisfy our partners without the fear of out-of-cycle pregnancies?

I actually know a woman who works in the laundry at the Broadmoor...she said those sheets often had to be changed TWICE A DAY when the "Promise Keepers" were there.

Now, what does that tell you about the "religious" and the "a-theist?"

C'mon, Wayne...this inflammatory "article" was beneath even YOU.


And, PS...why can the article use the word "p*orn" and I can't??? Hypocrites.

The site has some word moderation type filter and the word porn doesn't cut it.

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