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Comment #470208 by lswanson:

... God puts compassion in my heart for those who do not know Him.
I commend you for taking that position and showing compassion. Hopefully, through that compassion you will see that many non-believers are ordinary good people.

Professor Dawkins is not going to try to indoctrinate children. If his books result in de-indoctrination, that would be hard to separate from those children who normally grow out of fairy tales, anyway. Many young people realize that all religions can't be right, but all can be wrong. Children are naturally curious and will look at evidence in the world, unless they are taught to close their eyes to it all around them and blindly follow a book of bronze age myths. No indoctrination is required to show them that world, and the wonder it holds out to them.

Thu, 18 Mar 2010 06:12:00 UTC | #450145