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Comment #470208 by lswanson : As one who believes in God, I can assure you, ….

Which god ££
Apollo, Baal …. Odin, Thor, Zeus, … I have seen list of 2850 and more gods introduced from humans over time.

Or is it more some a still actual god like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and the son of one god (Shiva) the elephant headed Ganesha who control your luck and well being beside prosperity goddess Lakshmi of course (> 800 million Hindu believers) ££

Or is it god Allah with his prophet Mohammed (cheese be upon him) who had another low level prophet called Jesus to prepare the ground for the final prophet , and Jesus a mortal who was not even crucified, as poor Judas was nailed to the cross for Jesus sins (1.5 billion Muslim believers).

Or is it the desert god Yahweh (Jehovah, ‘the Lord’ ….) from the Old Testament, who is a jealous god, likes the smell of burnt offerings and gambling with the devil using Job as betting pawn, the god who is very much insisting in collecting the foreskins of his followers. Yahweh who is one of the 70 sons of the most high god Elyon who appointed Yahweh as regional god for Judea the land of Jacob (see Deut 32:8) and was responsible for the functional area of fertility. Who was later (after the northern tribes of Israel fall in 722BC and refuges flooded to the Yahweh territory of Judea) merged into a chimera with the god of Israel Elohim. The god Elohim who created the world in 6 days (Genesis-1 ) with humans like us gods (plural) whereas Yahweh created Adam, then animals, then Eve (Genesis-2). God Yahweh who was married with fertility goddess Ashera but divorced after his merger with Elohim.
Elohim who ordered to load 2 animals each on the ark whereas Yahweh ordered 5 animal pairs for domesticated beasts when the ark was loaded the second time after merger of 2 separate scripts.
And this merged chimera god, now divorced was declared to be the most important god (thou shall not have any gods before me !) who likes to fertilize female virgin girls to produce son of gods like the good old habit of the Greek Pantheon gods residing on the Olympus. And son of god Jesus who died for sins of all humans and was resurrected after 3 days (actually only 36 hours) in the good old tradition of the time and region : Osiris, Horus, Attis, Dionosys, Mithra, and a dozen or so other resurrected gods.

And if this is your ‘god’ about which you teach your children then which of the approximately 33,000 Christian denominations/sects/cults with a quite different interpretation are you following £

Or is it more the god of Karen Armstrong : the immaterial, unknowable, non-understandable out of space and time existing and acting creator deity about which mortal humans can and will never understand and know a single thing £

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