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Obviously the safe bet would be on Collins, (Frozen Waterfall Boy).

Incidentally, on crystal clear nights, far from city lights in northern Michigan, my home state, and also in the western United States, I've seen the Milky Way strewn across the sky like some spectacular diamond and light show. I've seen the Grand Canyon mid-morning on a haze-free day with the Sun burning thousands of brilliant colors into my brain. I've seen Bahamian beaches with blinding white talcum-powder sand leading up to electric, fluorescent, baby-blue bonefishing flats. And yes, I've seen frozen waterfalls in winter. I've seen these and other natural wonders that take your breath away, like everyone else here has I'm sure, and yet never once did I think there was some omnipotent force behind it all.

Collins says that on a hike in the wilderness he came upon a waterfall frozen in three streams, wich he took to represent the "Trinity".


But what if he had been walking a few days or weeks before or after that moment? Would the waterfall have been frozen in one stream, or two, or not frozen at all? What then of the "Trinity"?

I simply can't trust or take Collins seriously.

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