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My email to the NAS ( &

Is it true that the NAS is going to desecrate itself by hosting the Templeton prize? We can't blame the religious organization (John Templeton Foundation) for seeking any means available to legitimize itself. But as the NAS is intended to rise above ideological concerns in pursuit of truth, this association with the Templeton Prize can only tarnish its (NAS's) image and credibility. Sure, it's a lot more than thirty silver pieces but betrayal of principle cannot be concealed by curtain of cash.

Cancel now, due to irreconcilable ideological differences. The NAS has the option of doing the right thing. It may be costly but the cost of scandal is higher. Redemption, after the fact, cannot be bought.

Please correct this egregious error.

Thank you for your consideration,
Thomas Ray

Wed, 24 Mar 2010 02:11:00 UTC | #451696