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has arranged that every sentient being he has created has two components:
(1) a physical (material) body and
(2) an immaterial essence, soul, being, persona or whatever term we may care to use here.

Reading through the thread, I understand how you arrive at the second component (though I don't agree) and the first is uncontroversial.

But the idea that these 2 components were brought about by a person - where is your evidence for that?

And why do you think this person has the properties you assign to it (him)? What makes you think it must be 'maximally good' and 'maximally powerful'? I'm guessing it is because this is the received wisdom of those who believe in such a being, but perhaps you have other reasons, such as direct experience of it?

I'll put a copy of this in the main thread in case you want to answer there.

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