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I accept nobody's received wisdom. Not the Pope's and not yours.
No, it's a conclusion I reached -- many years ago -- through the exercise of pure reason.

So, you give me your evidence for claiming that no such person as I have described exists, and then I'll provide you with my reasoning as to why he does.


Well, I didn't claim that no such person exists. I just asked why you thought it did.

I could give you reasons why I don't think certain fairly well-described deities don't exist. Yours isn't particularly well described at the moment. But it does have a number of features that are suggestive. So I'll have a bit of a try. (We are going for evidence of non-existence, not proof, right?)

You say there is a person which is maximally powerful. My evidence against such would be: I've never met such a person. The same goes for a maximally good person, and for one which knows everything. This perhaps isn't very strong evidence against, but it is far (infinitely so) stronger than any evidence I have for. But perhaps that will change once you have given me your reasoning for?

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