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I am not trying to convince you that there's a God.

But you did say:
So, you give me your evidence for claiming that no such person as I have described exists, and then I'll provide you with my reasoning as to why he does.

I gave you my evidence. If you are discussing in good faith you will now keep your part of the bargain.

I am looking for some evidence that I might be wrong here.

I gave you my evidence, but you said:
that may be evidence for you, but of course it cannot be for me


Oh, and, yes, I am still collecting information for one of the later chapters in my book; and chapter headed "Is Atheism A Religion?"

Will that be the sort of evidence that is 'evidence for you'?

Answer, so far: Yes, it seems to be, though not one which makes its adherents noticeably happy.

Aah. You must have an advanced copy of Windows 8. I had heard it could detect the emotional state of its users.

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