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NonLocality - on what basis are you of the opinion that the evidence against him is thin? The papertrail leads right to his desk, and carries his personal seal of approval. Even his army of spin-doctors don't deny the allegations, but their apologies are half-arsed at best. The institutional coverups under threat of excommunication? Sounds a lot like aiding and abetting child abuse to me.
Personally I won't apologise to that wizened old bastard whatever the outcome, as he's already proven himself so irredeemably odius and bigoted, even child abuse coverups are merely the mouldy icing on the already fetid cake.
If it wasn't this, perhaps you could factor in the deaths in Africa which could have been prevented by providing condoms rather than spreading rumours that condoms cause AIDS. Or perhaps the rampant homophobia?
If anyone I knew had done a fraction of what he's done for the world I would happily shake them warmly by the throat. No apology here.
Cry me a river.

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 17:18:00 UTC | #453414