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Nonlocality - That really is grasping at straws.
So he gets passed a large quantity of letters/memos about child rape with the word "Urgent" stamped all over them and then what? They ALL fell behind the filing cabinet? The papal dog ate his papal homework? Someone thought they weren't important enough for him to be personally informed of them?
He couldn't understand them? All that cash and he can't get a translator huh? What's a Cardinal to do?
Get real. As Epeeist said, he's either criminal or incompetant. Or maybe criminally incompetant. I'm not really up for hairsplitting debates as to whether he opened the many letters and memos that were his responsibility. I just think it's a bit of a coincidence that the priests involved ended up in therapy and other parishes instead of behind bars as a result of all these letters he didn't open.

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