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Sam is wrong about there not being worldviews based upon something other than the well-being of sentient beings.

I have encountered many religious people who believe that morality is based solely upon the will of God, and that if it is God's will that we suffer, then that is what is moral.

Of course, these people also incorporate notions of flourishing into their moral understanding, and clearly they run two different moral systems in their head at the same time.

As a scientist, I'm surprised that he's not emphasizing the evolutionary aspect to all this. Everything about every living thing is the result of evolution by natural selection, and our moral instincts are no different. I actually think he recognizes this, but is willing to put that to the side and instead dissimulate that there is an objective moral truth, because he knows people won't listen to him if he comes out as a moral skeptic. He hints at it when he says that there can be different right answers to moral questions, though.

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