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It takes no "courage" for the Pope to continue to stonewall and evade legal and moral accountability for his personal and institutional role in sheltering pedophile priests and abetting their commission of further sexual assaults on children.

Real courage would lead the Pope to make ALL church records and personnel, from the Vatican down through each Catholic parish, open and available to competent law enforcement agencies around the world so that all offenders could be brought to justice. Real courage would induce the Pope to reform the Catholic church's recruitment, screening, and training of its priests to keep sexual predators out.

Unfortunately, I do not believe that this Pope actually has any real courage, so he will continue trying to distract the world's attention while he tries to sweep the problem under rug -- which is why secular authorities around the world must compel the Roman church to produce its information.

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 14:03:00 UTC | #453664