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Pope Benny Hex is the CEO of a faith-based "daycare center" for people who have mostly since birth been indoctrinated into the catholic doctrine and have not been able to escape their gullible state of mind and continue to believe what is not supported by any verifiable and falsifiable evidence.

If he were the CEO of a secular daycare center and one of his staff had molested a child and he knew about it and did not act, he would be in jail by now.

If he were the CEO of any US corporation and it came to his attention that there was even 1 case of sexual harassment and he did not act on it, he would probably end up in jail.

However, I'm with Richard Dawkins that Benny Hex can do more much more long term good to enlightenment by remaining the corrupt head of a corrupt organization overseeing the slow self-destruction of his organization.

There should be billion dollar lawsuits on behalf of these victims though on the premise that a dwindling organization with less money can do less harm.

If any catholics are reading this: STOP GIVING MONEY TO CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS.

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 22:06:00 UTC | #453793