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It disgusts me when an interviewer doesn't seem to be listening to the answers to their questions and it seems to be the norm these last couple of years. This woman didn't even look as though she understood the answers being given.

So, if I understand Donohue, child molestation isn't a crime if it happened in the sixties. No, he's right - Hitch certainly did leave that part out.

Note how Donohue said it triumphantly as if he just exposed a loophole that would get his client off on a technicality. It happened in the sixties! It was reported in the seventies! The Cardinal didn't know about it until the 90's!

I don't care if he didn't know about it until yesterday! Children were molested, and Ratzinger's response was to protect the Church and not the victims. Period. It doesn't matter when it happened!

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 23:00:00 UTC | #453814