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YOu know what I dont understand.WHy catholics come on to either declare their church under attack or claim a conspiracy or just general knee jerk defending. it is catholics that should be most outraged at this , they should be kicking down the doors of the vatican and dragging the sick fucks out by the scruff of the neck to face the courts.

I mean I imagine that as a moral human being watching the news and seeing a piece on someone who had downloaded child porn from the net you would be disgusted at this person. Then you see another piece about someone who had sexually abused a child,again your natural reaction would be one of horror and anger towards such a person who could commit these crimes.
Then the following evening you here of a serial paedophile responsible for the rape of 6 boys and girls over the spce of 2 years, you would be rightly sickened by these crimes.
Yet when thousands of cases of systematic child rape , and lets not mix words here , child rape is the act of holding children down and tearing their young vaginas or anus's open with their penises ignoring the screams and sobs or the pleas to stop,condeming many of them to a life of self-hate,mental torture and in many cases lead eventually to them taking their own lives.
That these acts were carried out by people who claim to be the moral guides of millions of people, who rally against the most simplest of sexual transgressions , from something as petty as not using 'natural'positions to homosexuality ( not here that it seems that the gender balance of raped children seems to be more boys than girls ) so when such evil comes from these people you should be filled with a million times more horror , disgust and anger. Yet somehow your brain will not register this. Perhaps the horror of it is too much for you to take in and so to cope you imagine its some dastardly propagands ruse by sinister anti-catholic conspiritors.
Wake the fuck up !
If you are not screaming at the top of your voice for an end to this and for judicial action against all those who perpetrated these acts or colluded in their cover up then I would suggest that you're own morals are absolutely repugnant,bereft of any humanity and you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.

Tue, 30 Mar 2010 19:10:00 UTC | #454133